Kalanchoe types

13 Kalanchoe Varieties with Images

Kalanchoe plants are beautiful flowering succulents that belong to Stonecrop or Crassulaceae family. These plants are native to Madagascar and thrive in arid environments. Kalanchoes are pretty easy to grow and care for. The attractive leaves and flowers bloom consistently throughout the year in response to daylight. Kalanchoes are slow-growing plants and matures in 2 to 5 years. Kalanchoes come in many different varieties and colours like red, pink, white, yellow, orange, etc.

Here I would like to cover some popular Kalanchoe types with pictures.

Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana (Calandiva)

Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana is a flowering perennial with bushy, shiny green thick leaves. Blossfeldiana’s blooms during late Autumn to early winter. They come in many different colours.

Kalanchoe Variety

Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana (Calandiva)

Kalanchoe Luciae (Paddle plant)

These plants are known as Paddle plants due to their distinctive broad, attractive leaves. Alternate names for Kalanchoe Luciae are Flapjacks, Paddle kalanchoe, Desert Cabbage and Red Pancake plants.


Kalanchoe Luciae

Kalanchoe Diagremontiana (Mother of thousands)

This plant is a short-lived succulent plant. Diagremontiana’s are known by many other names such as Brophyllum Diagremontiana, Alligator plant etc. This plant bears lots of tiny Kalanchoe babies on the edge of its leaves which separate from the mother plants after they mature and grow themselves.


Kalanchoe Diagremontiana

Kalanchoe Manginii (Chandelier plant)

These plants are fast growers with upright stems and glossy leaves. The plants bloom in the Spring season with beautiful bell-shaped flowers.

Kalanchoe Manginii or Chandelier plant

Kalanchoe Manginii

Kalanchoe Tomentosa (Panda Plant)

Other names for Kalanchoe Tomentosa plants are Chocolate soldier, Cocoon plant, Panda plant, Teddy Bear Cactus, Velvet leaf Kalanchoe. It is a popular houseplant that has thick, narrow leaves with chocolate brown or dark red margins. The leaves and stems are densely covered with hair.

Kalanchoe Tomentosa or Panda Plant

Kalanchoe Tomentosa

Kalanchoe Pumila (Flower Dust plants)

This plant is commonly grown in hanging baskets. Its leaves are oblong and covered with lots of waxy hair. These plants bloom in late winters to early spring and give out beautiful pink flowers.


Kalanchoe Laciniata (Christmas Tree plant)

Kalanchoe Laciniata is a perennial succulent with elliptical leaves. An alternate name for this Kalanchoe is Lace leaf Kalanchoe.


Kalanchoe Laciniata

Kalanchoe Pinnata (Cathedral Bells)

This plant gives out miniature plantlets in the margins of its leaves. Other names for Kalanchoe Pinnata plant are the Air plant, Cathedral bells, Good Luck Leaf, Life plant, Miracle leaf plant, Bryophyllum Pinnatum.

Kalanchoe Pinnata or Cathedral Bells

Kalanchoe Pinnata

Kalanchoe Orygalis (Copper spoons)

his plant is an evergreen plant belonging to Crussalacea or Stonecrop family. This plant is known for the colour of its beautiful leaves.


Kalanchoe Orygalis

Kalanchoe Millotii (Millot Kalanchoe)

This plant is an evergreen succulent known for its ornamental foliage.

Kalanchoe Millotii or Millot Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe Millotii

Kalanchoe Beharensis (Elephant’s Ears)

This plant is a flowering shrub that blooms in Early Spring and summer and has long triangular olive green leaves. An alternate name for Kalanchoe Beharensis is Felt bush.

Kalanchoe Beharensis or Elephant’s Ears

Kalanchoe Beharensis

Kalanchoe Sexangularis (Six angled Kalanchoe)

This plant is known for its six angled leaves which are red. This plant is a rapidly growing plant and is quite hardy and resistant to droughts.

Six angled Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe Sexangularis

Kalanchoe Marmorata (Penwiper plant)

This plant is known for its distinctive leaves, grey greenish with irregular patches of purple on them. The stems are thick and erect thick bearing leaves. This plant bears white star-shaped flowers which bloom in winters to early spring.

Penwiper plant

Kalanchoe Marmorata

Kalanchoe Marmorata

There are many more varieties of Kalanchoe with beautiful colours and different features.

If you are looking for detailed Kalanchoe care tips, refer to this video.


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